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After the formation of Republic of India, introduction of GST in Indian taxation system is considered to be the most decisive action to bring revolutionary changes in our current taxation system. GST has been successfully implemented in advance in many European countries as per their infrastructure but this will be the first time in history when Republic of India will implement Goods and Services Tax and will witness the positive and negative impacts made by GST in our taxation system.

GST also known as Goods and Services Tax is the destination tax that will be implemented on all types of services and goods transaction in India. Goods and Service Tax is proposed to be implemented from the manufacturing stage to consumption stage with a four dimensional tax slab of 5 percent, 12 percent, 18 percent and 19 percent.It is mandatory for all the small scale and medium scale business owners with an annual turnover of 9 lacs per annum in North-India and upto 19 lacs per annum in India are supposed to register for Goods and Services Tax in India to avoid the transactions of unrecorded transactions of goods.

You can have lots of taxation benefits in your business by enrolling for GST with the help of GST Registration consultants in Delhi within the defined time span by GST council.

By calling Legaldeskpro your reliable GST Consultants in Delhi Ncr, the new business units will get the benefits of taxation benefits by enrolling for GST id as proposed by GST council. After attaining the GST enrollment identity a new business will be legally eligible to act as a dealer of services and goods and to gather tax from purchasers anywhere in India.

Those business units that have registered under the Value Added Tax (VAT) or service tax law will be randomly under the new Goods and Service Tax law but for new enrollments new business units are supposed to enroll for GSTIN.

Legaldeskpro is a GST Tax consultant in Delhi Ncr with a decade of experience in accountancy and tax consultation devoted to assist you for GST registration anywhere in India on cost efficient values to our reputed clients.

The Reality of Goods and Services Tax or GST:

GST or Goods & Service Tax is a type of indirect tax applied on the circulation and consumption of all types of physical goods and services and is specially introduced to remove the tax barricades between the state and central government. Goods and Services Tax is a new innovation in Indian taxation system which has removed the useless burden of multiple indirect taxes and commuted all the tax payers under one roof to make the tax payment easier and flexible. Project Goods and Services Tax would be a perfect blend of Central Sales Tax, Value Added Tax by states, Additional Custom Duty, Luxury Taxes, Entry Taxes, Additional Excise Duty and Octroi Taxes.

Classification and Categorization of Goods and Services Tax (GST):6

Goods and Service Tax or GST is categorized into three major divisions as follows:

  • 1. State Goods and Services Tax (SGST):- State is merely responsible for the levy and administration of SGST or State Goods and Services Tax.
  • 2. Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST):- Merely center is responsible for the levy and administration of CGST or Central Goods and Services Tax.656
  • 3. Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST):- Merely center is responsible for the levy and administration of Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST).

Proposed tax rating slab under GST Administration:

Goods and Services Tax would be implemented with a preplanned four tier tax structure of 5%,12%,18% and 28% with a flexibility of lower tax rates for essential goods and higher tax rates for luxury goods with flexible features of addition cess charge as per the norms of GST council.

Deadline for the enrollment of GST registration:

Every tax payer was supposed to get its GSTIN by the end of Dec 2016 but now the GST council has extended the date to 22 July 2017 for a proper enrollment in GST database.

Proposed exclusion criteria for GST administration:

The competent council for GST has defined several exemption limits for exclusion:

  • Business units with an annual turnover of 10 lacs in Northeastern and hill states have been excluded from the GST parameters.
  • All the business units with an annual turnover of 20 lacs or below are away from the parameters of GST administration.
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