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What is a Court Marriage in Delhi

In today’s era practice of court marriage is very frequent in India now-a-days. Court marriage in Delhi is solemnized under the provision of Special Marriage Act 1954 of civil law of the Indian constitution. Court marriage in Delhi is a special civil code for marriages ceremonies going to happen in different religions. Even the people of uniform religions can also opt for court marriage in Delhi; however, there should not be a close relationship angel.

Is the online registration of court marriage in Delhi possible

Online registration of court marriage is not facilitated in India. The complete procedure of court marriage is typical and must be followed step by step under the guidance of an expert for court marriage. In this concern an advance notice with one month time span is sent to the office of marriage registrar in the presence of bride side or groom side.

Mandatory conditions for Registration of Court Marriage in Delhi

  • Existing Marriage Background: For a legally valid court marriage registration in Delhi, there should be no existing marriage background or living wife or husband otherwise it may lead to rejection of application and penalties for violation of marriage act.

  • Legally Valid Consent: Bride and Groom should be in sound state of mind to express her will and give his/her consent to the specified marriage proposal legally and mentally in front of marriage officer.

  • Age Criteria: Satisfying the age the male must be 21 Yrs old and female must be above 18 years.

  • Healthy and Physically Fit for proliferation: Both the male and female should be fit for reproduction.

  • Forbidden or illegal Relationship Consequences: None of the party (Bride and Groom) should not be indulge in the closet degrees of prohibited relationships consequences as per the schedules and codes of Special Marriage Act in India; nevertheless, it may be considered as a valid point as per law if the customs of that community or religion permits that angle.

What are the crucial steps for Court Marriage Registration in Delhi

  • A prior notice or intimation is served to the marriage registrar office of the concerned location and out of that one of the party should be residing in Delhi for more than 30 days before the date of serving notice.

  • After retrieving the notice, the marriage officer sticks that information on the notice board of marriage registration office in a noticeable area and a subsequent copy of the notice is sent to the permanent resident of the applicant.

  • If any objectionable stuff is found regarding a marriage application. The marriage officer will make an investigation regarding the objectionable stuff within 30 days of the date of objection. If the objections are found up to the mark then, the marriage officer has the rights to reject that court marriage application and marriage can’t be solemnized. For this rejection, an appeal in the nearby district court can be filed under the authority of marriage officer.

  • If there is no objectionable stuff or complaint is found for that marriage, then both the parties with three firm witnesses can sign the declaration in the presence of marriage officer. Later on the marriage registrar or marriage officer countersigns the declaration to give the marriage a legally valid status.

  • The marriage officer issues a legally verified certificate as prescribed in the schedule IV of the marriage act which is signed by both parties, 3 witnesses and countersigned by the competent marriage officer with the effective time stamp. This certificate is a valid proof of marriage and helps the bridegroom to attain important entitlements and socially married status.

Documents Required For the Registration of Court Marriage

  • 4 Passport Size Photographs of bride and groom.

  • A valid proof of Residence including Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, Passbook, Passport and Driving License of both parties.

  • Two Witnesses with genuine identity proof and residence proof.

  • Invitation Card of Married Couple(Somewhere Applicable)

  • Affidavit attested by Notary Officer or Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

  • A valid proof of age or DOB including Matriculation Certificate, Passport, Pan Card, MCD Birth Certificate of both parties.

  • Death certificate of the spouse is applicable if any of the party is widow/widower.

  • Divorce certificate by the concerned court if any of the spouse is divorced.

  • If the bride or the groom is a foreign citizen or NRI then a NOC from the concerned embassy and valid visa is required along with a certificate certifying current marital status