Interste Re-Registration of Car Bike in Delhi Gurgaon Noida

If you were residing in Delhi and you have been shifted to Mumbai then it is obligatory for you to Re-register your vehicle in Mumbai with a new RTO. Legaldeskpro offers a helping hand for interstate vehicle Re-registration in Delhi with the help of highly experienced RTO Agents in Delhi having decades of experience in RTO Consultancy services Delhi in a professional manner.

Legaldeskpro offers end to end assistance for complete vehicle Re-registration in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida with the help of expert RTO Consultants in Delhi Ncr. A few hours of your precious time is required to complete the documentation process of Re-registration of car, bike in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and with this it is mandatory to bring the vehicle that is to be re-registered for the inspection to be done by the officials at the concerned RTO. We are committed to finish the complete process of re-registration of vehicle as per the rules and regulations laid out by the department of transport.

A checklist of complete steps and information of required documents involved in the process Car Re-registration in Delhi will be provided by RTO Consultants in Delhi at Legaldeskpro. Preparation for documents verification and filling of RTO forms will be done under the guidance of experts and in a right direction for a hassle free experience of vehicle re-registration in Delhi.

Transparency in the way of working and customer satisfaction as our priority makes us standing out in the mob. That’s why we have a big list of satisfied customers in our portfolio. As a professional RTO consultancy service provider in Delhi for RC transfer and Re-registration of vehicle at your doorstep. We are committed to offer best RTO services to our customers at their doorstep.

Steps to get Re-registration of vehicle:

  • Send your documents online or through courier
  • Pay applicable charges for our services online or through Paytm
  • Visit your nearest RTO and meet our RTO consultant for the final step of re-registration of vehicle
  • Will give you your new Registration Certificate (RC) within a month

Miscellaneous Information

Total time span required to finish the task by concerned RTO?

  • Upto 20-30 business Days

Does customer need to visit the RTO for same?

  • Yes

Number of visits required by the customer to the RTO?

  • One Visit is Required

Documents required for the interstate Re-registration of a vehicle:-

  • No Objection Certificate or clearance certificate of vehicle
  • Original copy of Registration Certificate Book
  • Original Copy of vehicle insurance
  • Passport size photographs
  • Original copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Original copy of Tax payment receipt
  • Form 28, KMV27, CMV33 and CMV27 respectively

Once the vehicle is successfully relocated, then you have to move to the nearest Regional Transport Office to get a new number or new re-registration number of the vehicle by submitting an application along with below mentioned documents:-

  • Insurance copy of the vehicle
  • Original Registration Certificate RC Book
  • Pencil imprint of chassis number
  • Residence proof of the vehicle holder
  • Identity proof of the vehicle holder
  • PUC certificate
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Form 29-30 for Re-registration number
  • Road tax and Octroi charges
  • Road tax payment slip

After the proper verification and approval of all above documents, a new number will be allocated for your vehicle instead of an old one after a short span of time.

Refund of Road Tax

You can take an initiative to get a refund of previous road tax after interstate transfer of your vehicle with a process of refund of road tax:-

  • Duly signed and filled form 16
  • New original copy of registration certificate and registration number
  • Old Registration Certificate copy and old RC number
  • A written application for refund of road tax
  • Residence proof of vehicle owner
  • Address proof of vehicle owner
  • Original insurance copy of the vehicle with new registration number

Once all above mentioned documents along with form 16 have been submitted to the concerned RTO, thereafter the new RTO will inform the old RTO to authenticate the registration number. They will also ask for an intimation called Confirmation of Registration Transfer Intimation also abbreviated as CRTI. After having the receipt of CRTI from the new authority, the old authority will process your request for refund of road tax within a time period of six months.

Tackling an interstate car transfer or Re-registration of a vehicle could be a vehicle could be a hectic task and especially when you are not aware about the complete RTO procedure; requirement of documents and defined terms & conditions for completion of the task. It is always beneficial to take an expert advice from an expert to avoid unexpected stress of waiting in long queues and collecting documents from different departments.

But when you are well aware about the dos and don’ts of a RTO process and how to do it perfectly, you can easily tackle a vehicle interstate transfer without paying a penny to the agent. Vehicle interstate transfer or Re-registration of vehicle in Delhi is a hectic and time taking task and can be done only when you have sufficient amount of time. This process includes attaining No Objection Certificate from RTO, traffic police, banking institution (In case of financed vehicle) and police department.