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Do you want to change your name completely for professional reasons or astrological compatibility? Or want to make some corrections in your name in passport or eager to change your name on passport. Legal name change process in Delhi is complicate and Legaldeskpro is here to make this process simple and transparent. It is obvious to face problems due to wrong name spelling, alphabetical error, and difference in surname and especially for married women due to difference in their surname. The problem can lead upto identity crisis if you have name differences in your identity documents and documents for residential proof.

Generally it is observed that, people undergoes lots of technical problem while changing their name on legal documents due to lack of relevant knowledge and expert guidance. So this is the need of hour to have your correct name marked on your legal documents to avoid any type of hurdle and unexpected waste of money. As a professionally expert name change consultant in Delhi, We are devoted to suggest effective and least complicated procedure for successful legal name change in India.

There are certain steps indulge in legal name change services in Delhi that need to be pursued for a successful name change completion:-

  • Preparing a legally approved name change affidavit
  • Name change advertisement in local Newspaper
  • Notification to the State Gazette
  • Self Declaration

An affidavit is a type of declaration that is made by a person before a competent authority to administer an oath. Nearly all the affidavits that are subject to name change in Delhi are printed on a Rs. 20 value stamp paper and thereafter attested by the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Oath officer or the notary officer.

Types of Name Correction Affidavits:-

A person could require following types of affidavits are required for name correction or name change in Delhi:-

  • Affidavit for general change of name: - This is the most common affidavit used for general name change for all the purpose.
  • Minor’s name change Affidavit: - This document is used to change the name of minor’s by their legal parents.
  • Affidavit for one and the same person:-This affidavit is prevalent when there is a difference in name in various legal documents of a same person.
  • Correction in Name Affidavit: - Specially used for printing error or spelling error in any of the legal document.
  • Annexure-E for Indian passport:- Mainly for passport authorities for internal verification purpose only.
  • Affidavit for name change after marriage:- This type of affidavit is intended to change someone’s wife surname or name after the marriage. It is not mandatory to make a newspaper notification or gazette notification for this name change.
  • Annexure-D for passport: - Mainly used to change the name of wife after marriage which is submitted to the passport office.

Newspaper Notification

In India, It is mandatory to make a name change publication in the local newspaper in order to bring the legal name change in Delhi in full effects and make it known to administrative authorities and public. The newspaper notification made for the change in name bears complete details including new and old name of the applicant, residential address, date of birth, sibling and spouse name and identification.

Gazette Notification

Notification of state gazette is the last and final step involved in process of name change in Delhi. Although name change in voting card, pancard, driving license and aadhaar card does not need any notification for gazette. Some governing authorities including government banks and service commissions may ask for a mandatory gazette notification. Every state has its own gazette, hence every citizen is supposed to submit their notification in respective state gazette.

A Complete process for Publication in Central Gazette suggested by our professionals is:

A citizen of India who is willing to change his name legally in India is supposed to produce following documents to the undersigned department of publication.

  • Concerned request or letter by the applicant
  • Verification Certificate for name change
  • Compact Disk format
  • Name change affidavit
  • Performa for name change notification

Services offered by Legaldeskpro for legal name change services in Delhi for the following reasons:-

  • Change of Name after Marriage
  • Change of Name on PAN Card
  • Change of Name After Divorce
  • Change of Name on Driving License
  • Change of Surname on Passport
  • Change of Name in Passport After Marriage
  • How to Change Your Last Name after Marriage
  • How to Delete Your Spouse Name on Passport