Will Deed Registration Services in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

A will or Testament is a legal announcement by the testator to transfer his property to his loved ones or relatives after his death. In simple words a will is termed as a legal tool which ensures the distribution and management of property just after the death of the Testator. A citizen of India who has attained the age of majority is eligible to create a testamentary document under the guidance of a legal expert which is further implemented after the death of the Testator.

It is always advisable to draft a Testamentary document or will before the death to make the property distribution smooth and avoid the legal disputes and the litigations in the court due to legal heirs and family members. The process of Testament or Will Registration undergoes several steps as follows:

  • The Testament or Will is prepared by a legal expert or a practicing lawyer
  • A date is set for the registration of will in the office of Sub Registrar.
  • Testament Registration Fee is required for the proper registration of Will/Testament
  • Will Owner/Testator is supposed to visit the Sub Registrar Office with on the day with two witnesses with their identity proofs.
  • Registered Testament can be collected just after a weeks of registration

A properly written legal will should have following necessary information:

  • Testator Details: – Complete details of the testator or the person keen to make the will including full name, address details, mental stability and age.
  • Beneficiary Details:- If a property or group of asset has multiple beneficiaries, then the details of each beneficiary/individual including age, full name, Sex, relation with the testator should be clearly mentioned in the last will to avoid ambiguity.
  • Property Details: – The overall information of the assets and properties the testator is willing to transfer to his relatives/beneficiaries under his Testament is required with a clear description including Date of Registration of property, Property type, and registration number of property and whether it is inherited or self-acquired.
  • Guardian for Minor:- If the testator is willing to give his property to a beneficiary who is minor, in these conditions there is a provision to appoint guardian who will take care of the whole property after the death of testator until the beneficiary gets legally major.
  • Date and Signature:- The created last will should be clearly signed just after the last sentence of the document with a clear date just after the signature of the testator.
  • Executor of the Will: - The appointment of an executor of last will is also a mandatory action to be done by the testator before his death. Generally executor is a person who takes the responsibility to implement the terms mentioned in the will after the death of the testator.
  • Specific Assets: – Special assets like worthy jewelry, gold biscuit, golden utensils, silver idols should be dedicatedly mentioned by the testator in the last will.